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Welcome to Spark!

Updated: Apr 1

In this episode, we provide you with an introduction to the Spark! with Shereen podcast show.

I’m Shereen, your host. It's nice to meet you.

I'm very passionate about fostering startup ecosystems and empowering entrepreneurship education.

I'm also very fortunate to work with the brightest entrepreneurs and most impactful institutional enablers in the Middle East every day, as I manage one of the largest and most successful accelerators in the region for one of the world's top-ranked global financial centers.

Being Middle Eastern, I'm an advocate of local talent. We have a lot of really driven entrepreneurs and committed enablers in the region whose stories are worth telling in a manner that resonates with a global audience.

Join the Spark! platform as I take everyone interested in learning about entrepreneurship in the Middle East behind-the-scenes of what it takes to grow startups and create an enabling ecosystem.


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