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Sheraa's UAE Entrepreneurship Podcast

Updated: Mar 29

Album cover of SEF Backstage Pass

The Client's Problem

Client's Challenge

Sheraa, Sharjah’s national entrepreneurship center, sought to revitalize its annual startup conference, the Sharjah Entrepreneurial Festival (SEF). Having hosted the event multiple times, Sheraa aimed to attract a larger audience by injecting fresh programming ideas.

Challenges Addressed for Sheraa

  1. Rejuvenating SEF to attract a larger audience and maintain relevance in subsequent years.

  2. Ensuring Season 2 of the SEF podcast built on the success of Season 1 while introducing new elements to captivate listeners.

The Solution We Provided Them

Podcast Strategy

  • Developed a comprehensive strategy for Season 2 of SEF’s podcast, defining overarching themes, goals, and target audience.

  • Ensured Season 2 built on the success of Season 1 while introducing fresh elements to engage listeners.

Filming the SEF podcast

Curating Topics and Agenda Planning

  • Identified relevant and thought-provoking topics to ensure each episode offered valuable insights and fostered meaningful discussions.

Holding an actual SEF backstage pass

Curation of Guests and Hosts

  • Carefully curated guests and hosts for over 50 episodes of Season 2, ranging from industry experts to innovators and thought leaders.

  • Aimed to create a compelling lineup that would inspire and inform Sheraa’s audience.

Shereen Abdulla interviewing Jessie Inchauspé

Selection of Episode Topics and Discussion Points

  • Crafted each episode to provide value through in-depth explorations of industry trends, thought-provoking debates, or inspiring success stories.

Shereen Abdulla interviewing Ali Abdaal

Results Achieved

  1. Increased Engagement: Season 2 of the SEF podcast garnered increased engagement from listeners, attracting a larger audience to Sheraa's platform.

  2. Enhanced Relevance: Refreshed programming and compelling episode topics ensured SEF remained relevant and appealing to both new and returning attendees.

  3. Inspiring Content: Curated guests and discussion points sparked inspiration and informed Sheraa’s audience, fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial community.

  4. Brand Amplification: The success of Season 2 amplified Sheraa's brand presence, establishing it as a leading voice in entrepreneurship and innovation.


Through our collaboration with Spark! Studios, Sheraa successfully revitalized its SEF conference with Season 2 of the podcast. By implementing a comprehensive strategy and curating engaging content, Sheraa attracted a larger audience, maintained relevance, and amplified its brand presence in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. This approach not only elevated the SEF experience but also reinforced Sheraa’s commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Sharjah and beyond.


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