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Sarwa's Financial Literacy Videos, Podcast, and Blog

Updated: Mar 29

#My Sarwa Story podcast album cover

The Client's Problem

Client's Challenge

Sarwa, a wealth management platform aimed at democratizing investing across various asset classes, faced the challenge of inspiring individuals who were not yet investing to take control of their personal finances. Despite being a prominent FinTech startup in the region, Sarwa needed to expand its brand presence among affluent segments of the market lacking financial literacy.

Challenges Addressed for Sarwa

  1. Inspiring non-investors to start taking control of their personal finances.

  2. Building brand awareness and trust among affluent segments lacking financial literacy.

The Solution We Provided Them

Show Strategy and Branding

  • Developed a comprehensive show strategy and branding to establish Sarwa as a trusted resource for financial education.

  • Collaborated with micro-influencers in the Middle East to create interview content tailored to a non-finance audience.

#My Sarwa Story on Spotify

Video and Audio Production

  • Produced engaging video and audio content to effectively convey financial concepts and inspire action.

  • Repurposed video interviews as audio podcasts to extend reach across multiple channels.

#My Sarwa Story video podcast with Nour Arida on YouTube

Multi-Channel Distribution Strategy

  • Implemented a multi-channel distribution strategy to maximize visibility and engagement.

  • Published interview summaries on Sarwa's blog with embedded video content, and repurposed video reels on social media to drive traffic to the website.

Blog post on Ahmad Haffar's Sarwa Story on Sarwa's blog titled "Ahmad Haffar talks building multi-million dollar wealth without high school degree"

Interview Talent

  • Featured Shereen Abdulla as the podcast host, leveraging her industry knowledge and insights to engage the audience effectively.

Shereen Abdulla with Ali and Walaa Hennaoui at Sarwa

Results Achieved

  1. Financial Literacy Positioning: Successfully inspired non-investors to take control of their personal finances through engaging and informative content.

  2. Expanded Brand Presence: Strengthened Sarwa's brand presence among affluent segments lacking financial literacy, positioning it as a trusted resource for financial education.

  3. Enhanced Engagement: Generated significant engagement across multiple channels, driving traffic to Sarwa's platform and increasing user interaction.

  4. Effective Content Repurposing: Successfully repurposed interview content across various formats and channels, maximizing reach and engagement.


Through our collaboration with Spark! Studios, Sarwa effectively addressed the challenge of inspiring individuals to start investing and building financial literacy. By leveraging multi-media content and an interview strategy featuring industry influencers, Sarwa not only expanded its brand presence but also empowered individuals to take control of their financial futures. This approach not only attracted new users but also reinforced Sarwa's position as a leader in democratizing investing in the region.


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