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Plntd's Educational Video, Blog, and Newsletter Content

Updated: Mar 29

Filming educational videos for Plntd at their warehouse

The client's problem

Client's Challenge

Plntd, a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) e-commerce brand, sought to bolster demand for its product category. Their aim was to achieve this by leveraging educational content, intending to not only attract new customers but also encourage repeat purchases from existing buyers.

Challenges Addressed for Plntd

  1. Increasing demand for their product category amidst competition in the e-commerce landscape.

  2. Fostering customer retention and encouraging repeat purchases.

The solution we provided them

Long-form Educational Videos

  • Produced informative long-form videos embedded onto product pages of the website, serving as valuable resources for potential customers.

  • Repurposed these videos into engaging social media reels to widen reach and attract new audiences.

Plntd's YouTube page

Educational Editorial Content

  • Developed educational editorial content strategically embedded onto product pages, enhancing customer understanding and interest.

  • Integrated this content into automated email sequences to nurture leads and encourage conversions.

Results Achieved

  1. Increased Demand: Successfully boosted demand for Plntd's product category through the dissemination of educational content, attracting new customers.

  2. Enhanced Customer Retention: Encouraged repeat purchases from existing buyers by providing valuable educational resources and maintaining communication through email campaigns.

  3. Improved Engagement: Elevated customer engagement levels through the deployment of multi-media content across various platforms.

  4. Effective Conversion: Achieved higher conversion rates by integrating educational content into product pages and email sequences, guiding potential customers towards purchasing decisions.

One of the educational blog posts we wrote, featuring the plant known as the Bird of Paradise


Through our collaboration with Spark! Studios, Plntd effectively leveraged educational content to drive demand generation and enhance customer retention. By strategically deploying multi-media content across their digital channels, Plntd succeeded in attracting new customers while fostering loyalty among existing ones. This approach not only increased sales but also solidified Plntd's position as a trusted authority in their industry.


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