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CoinMENA’s Crypto Video Content

Updated: Mar 29

Animation still from CoinMENA's video "CoinMENA: Buy & Sell Digital Assets in the MENA Region"

The Client's Problem

Client's Challenge

CoinMENA, a crypto exchange platform, faced the challenge of educating its audience of prospective investors in the Middle East about the opportunities and benefits of investing in cryptocurrency. This was particularly challenging due to the general perception of crypto as a high-risk investment asset.

Challenges Addressed for CoinMENA

  1. Educating Middle Eastern audiences about cryptocurrency investment in a region where it is still relatively unfamiliar.

  2. Tailoring educational content to resonate with the demographic subsect of Gen Zs and Millennials, who form CoinMENA's primary target audience.

Arabic storyboard for a cryptocurrency animated video

The Solution We Provided Them

Multi-Episode Animated Video Series

  • Produced a multi-episode animated video series that simplified complex crypto and blockchain concepts into easy-to-understand stories.

  • Created original animations in CoinMENA's brand colors to establish a consistent brand aesthetic.

Content Localization

  • Developed content in Arabic language to cater to CoinMENA's large KSA-based audience demographic, with English subtitles for broader accessibility.

YouTube page for CoinMENA's video " كوين مينا: تداول العملات الرقمية في الوطن العربي"

Digital Ad Campaign

  • Designed video ads featuring illustrated crypto concepts to capture audience attention and drive engagement.

  • Delivered ads in various dimensions optimized for digital and social media platforms, ensuring maximum reach and impact.

Three ad campaign stills

Results Achieved

  1. Enhanced Crypto Literacy: Successfully educated CoinMENA's audience about cryptocurrency investment, demystifying complex concepts and addressing concerns about risk.

  2. Increased Brand Awareness: Established CoinMENA as a trusted source of crypto education through engaging and informative video content.

  3. Audience Engagement: Generated significant engagement through the digital ad campaign, driving traffic to CoinMENA's platform and increasing user interaction.

  4. Localization Success: Effectively reached and engaged with the KSA-based audience by providing content in Arabic language, thereby fostering inclusivity and accessibility.


Through our collaboration with Spark! Studios, CoinMENA effectively tackled the challenge of educating Middle Eastern audiences about cryptocurrency investment. By leveraging engaging video content and a targeted digital ad campaign, CoinMENA not only increased crypto literacy but also strengthened its brand presence in the region. This approach not only attracted new investors but also positioned CoinMENA as a leader in the crypto exchange industry.


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