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🥀 Curtain call: Spotify laid off 200 jobs, mostly across podcasting roles. It'll also be combining podcast studios Parcast and Gimlet, which it invested $330m+ in to acquire in 2019. News of both moves are spreading negative sentiment about the future of podcasting.

🌊 Riding the AI wave: Content creation platform Contentoo wants to help you become a more efficient creative with generative AI. It's published a report detailing how you can befriend what other writers are claiming to be a foe these days.

🙄 AI is a thing, we get it! Sprout Social also published a State of Social Media report that highlights AI is here to stay.

💻 Event content that lives on: Smart Marketer doesn't want to let event content go to waste — they summarize key learnings into blog posts to nurture people who could not attend the event into leads. Here's a recent write-up they published on the Top 5 Ad Campaigns for 2023, featuring how to leverage AI — indicating that the topic needs to be “trending” too, though!

📊 We said event content should live on, right? Media company Morning Brew has published the contents of their recent Marketing Brew Summit event. Now we think that's one-notch more engaging than repurposing the content as a blog — but brownie points for doing it all, just to make sure you maximize your leads-gen potential!

🙅‍♀️ Let's NOT pretend we're in a Wes Anderson movie: The filmmaker is not so thrilled that people and brands have been creating reels imitating the look & feel of his films. Guess to come creators, imitation is not a form of flattery, though to others going viral is a dream come true!

🎥 Video > Audio: Popular podcast Masters of Scale (hosted by LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman) finally makes a transition to video podcasting, as it promotes its YouTube channel this week. Didn't we say video was the future of podcasting? Yup.

📲 Broadcast alert: WhatsApp rolls out a broadcast message feature called Channels — think of it as a one-way Slack tab that allows brands to announce what they're up to. We guess it's also like a shorter newsletter (ish), giving brands more options for owned media channels.

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