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​Masters of Scale​, ​AWS Generative AI Accelerator Program, ​National Geographic​, Threads by Meta

Updated: Jul 10

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📲 Podcasts that app: Masters of Scale sees podcasts go video and levels-up the game by rolling that content out in its new app!

🤖 No AI left behind: Amazon (a company that isn't an AI household name, yet) wants to be at the forefront of startups' minds (as it aims to be so with its cloud business) but putting out this eBook guide to how they can use generative AI. PS — it's even selected 21 startups to form the "AWS Generative AI Accelerator Program".

🦕 Jurassic Park: The 135-year-old publication National Geographic is going extinct! It's axed all of its magazine staff writers (taking on freelancers instead) and podcast staff. It's keeping some core digital content staff, though. If experience isn't enough to get you through the media industry these days, what chance do new media companies have?

🪡 Loose threads: Meta has let loose its own Twitter rival called Threads. It looks promising so we decided to give it a go ourselves here — what can we say, it just sparked something.

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