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London School of Economics Middle East Centre​, Bard, Buzzsprout, Harry Stebbings

🌐 Extended lifeline: The London School of Economics Middle East Centre extends exposure to a recent exhibition about Abu Dhabi by launching a post-event website, which is a digital reproduction of the exhibit, complete with added content such as downloadable reports and a blog.

📸 A picture is worth 1,000 words: Bard will now generate illustrative responses to your queries, indicating that graphical content can sometimes trump editorial.

🤖 (Co-)hostess with the mostess: Buzzsprout gives podcast hosts the co-host of their dreams — an AI that generates all the tedious tasks that come with publishing such as episode titles, descriptions, chapter markets, and the dreaded transcripts.

⚽ VC meets Sports: We know that sports ignite the passion inside of millions of us (who knew we could love the Morocco soccer team so much!) — is this why VC podcaster Harry Stebbings is expanding his media know-how to the sports industry? Or is this a classic case of business growth?

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