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Updated: Jun 23

This week in business media news

📽️ Not your average indoor ad: DIFC Innovation Hub now boasts VC funding numbers amidst its indoor screens, courtesy of a partnership with data source MAGNiTT. Since the hub is a hotpot of founders and investors worldwide, way to do content marketing right at their doorsteps.

📊 Visual annual(ish) report: VC firm MEVP takes a blog-meets-graphics twist to report its annual earnings (well, 18-month earnings), making the case against glossy annual reports in the form of booklets (digital or print).

🇦🇪 UAE takes the global stage: A Mubadala rep joins the global entrepreneurship podcast This Week in Startups to talk about Abu Dhabi's budding innovation ecosystem. To us business media folks, that's practically like making it on The Daily Show!

👥 Digital does brick-and-mortar: Investing app baraka is taking to good-old-fashioned in-person events to build its mostly online community. Guess good coffee is always a good idea to leave your sweatpants at home?

🎵 Billionaire Playlist: Bill Gates shares his fav summer tunes via a Spotify playlist. A lot of creators share recommended media they like in their newsletters — we suppose even Billionaires follow the same content marketing playbook!

🚫 You all not pass! YouTube is adding red tape to podcasters by requesting ad-free RSS feeds, you know, to allow for their own ads! Guess that puts a bottleneck in repurposing content across different mediums!

👀 Fast and ad-less: CNN is bringing you ad-free streaming but only to its short-form video streaming offering. With a big chunk of its income coming from ads (as with most media companies) we suppose that free and ad-free don't make sense if it's your whole business model... just a chunk to lure the TikTok/IG-crazed Gen Z in!


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