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​Cannes Lions Festival​, The Rich Webster, ​Ali Abdaal​, ​Bill Gates​, ​a16Z​, ​Stitcher​

Updated: Jul 19

🦁 "Cannes" you wrap it up? Cannes Lions Festival (one of the most prestigious gatherings of creators anywhere) wants to make those who didn't make it to the conference feel a little less FOMO — a summary of the event and all its fabulousness is now available in download form "à la" content marketing.

🍹 Livin' la vida 4-hour workweek: One of our fav creators who creates content around how to build a lifestyle business (totally our vibe) is taking to podcasting to continue sharing the love.

🆓 Freebies? Yes, please! Productivity expert Ali Abdaal gives us a glimpse into his business planning templates. Given his authority in having built such a successful creator-led business, we're going to say, "yes, please" to those lead magnets! PS- He spent $50k on a business coach to put these templates together so that we don’t have to!

🎧 "I have a new podcast": Is not something you hear people say much these days. That being said, Bill Gates did just yesterday! His new show titled "Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates" is coming out soon — though, we have to ask, is he too late, or just fashionably late, to the game?

📓 Buy Read Write Own? a16Z has launched a new book titled Read Write Own that's a bit of an autobiography. It's hoping that business leaders, artists, creators, entrepreneurs, internet users, and the "tech curious" will pre-order. Would you?

👀 Production > Distribution: Stitcher is discontinuing its podcast streaming app, but will continue to operate Stitcher Studios and Earwolf networks. We can't help but wonder... how many people listened to podcasts on Stitcher anyway?

👋 Salam Alaykum: Google's generative AI Bard is now available for use in Arabic, both formal and colloquial. Knowing how challenging adapting to local dialects is in the Middle East, we can't help but say, "shukran!"

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